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Developing an amazing product and getting it to market is not an easy task. There are regulations regarding formulation, product claims, and packaging. Making the product compliant for all markets can be a mind-bending exercise.

We can help! Enlist our services to receive trusted, proven, and exceptional cosmetic regulatory consulting to steer you in the right direction and help you achieve your desired results.

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With over 100 years combined experience providing top-notch cosmetic and FDA topical OTC product consulting and other related services, Steinberg & Associates stands out as the trusted name cosmetic companies rely on for unsurpassed knowledge and expertise in navigating the ever-changing regulatory landscape of the cosmetic industry.

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Compliance Update

Prop 65 was last updated October 27, 2017.

• OEHHA is considering Coumarin for carcinogenicity at its meeting in November.  We will be watching this closely.  OEHHA’s action is intriguing as under EU REACH, Coumarin was found to be low risk.

• Furfuryl alcohol, a key component of Caramel, is on Prop 65 and a warning is required effective September 30thunless you can show a Safe Harbor level for your product and user exposure based on sound toxicological evidence.  OEHHA at present has no established Safe Harbor for furfuryl alcohol.

• California Safe Cosmetics Reportable Ingredients List was updated June 1, 2017. As a reminder, listed intentionally added substances trigger product registration. Common cosmetic ingredients that trigger registration are retinol, retinyl palmitate, and titanium dioxide.

• Peruse the latest FDA warning letters here.

Pending Regulation

• CALIFORNIA – AB1575 – Cosmetic ingredient labeling for Professional Use Only Products – this bill is “dead” for this year.

• U.S. – HB575 – The Safe Cosmetics Modernization Act of 2017 – supported by ICMAD and PBA. Action may occur in 2018.

• U.S. – S1113 – Personal Care Products Safety Act – very onerous. While the bill appears to be languishing for this year, we recommend you contact your Senator to oppose this legislation! This is not the first year Senator Feinstein has attempted to pass this bill.

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