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• Safety Data Sheet Authoring for Finished Good Cosmetics, Topical OTC Drugs, and raw materials in compliance with OSHA HazCom 2012 (GHS)
• California Air Resources Board (CARB) Survey Submission
• Cosmetic formulation trouble shooting (contamination, stability, etc.)

• Compliance Review:
○ Ingredient acceptability and limits in the US and many foreign countries
○ Harmonized labeling, both domestic and international
○ Product claims review
○ Website and marketing materials claims review

• Registrations/Notifications:
○ California Safe Cosmetics Act
○ Canada Cosmetic Notification
○ WercSmart Submission
○ US FDA Voluntary Cosmetic Registration Program (VCRP)

• US FDA OTC Topical Drugs:
○ Facility and formula registrations
○ Annual renewals
○ Drug Facts labeling review
○ Monograph compliance review
○ Product claims review

• Preservatives:
○ Formulation for world-wide compliance
○ Testing Protocol for new substance approval in the EU and Japan

• Registration/Representation for foreign companies wishing to sell US OTC drugs
• Product Information Files (PIF Dossiers) Guidance for EU

• Quarterly Newsletter:
○ Pending cosmetic federal and state legislation
○ Prop 65 updates
○ International cosmetic regulatory issues
○ EU Cosmetic Regulation updates
○ Enforcement activities (US FDA warning letters, NAD actions)